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Heating & Cooling

How-to install a programmable thermostat
How-to install a programmable thermostat
Tips for installing an energy-saving programmable thermostat in your home.
All about air filters
Learn how air filters are manufactured, and how to choose one for your home
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See how one home is using in-floor radiant heat along with a ductless mini-split system to create a comfortable living space.
Ceiling fan installation
Use less energy while increasing your comfort with a ceiling fan.
Choosing a new furnace
Shop and compare when choosing a new furnace. Look for the yellow Energy Guide label to see how one unit stacks up against another.
Cleaning your fireplace
Maintaining your fireplace is important to make sure it's working efficiently and safely.
Don't let your energy money go up the chimney
Increasing your fireplace energy efficiency could be as simple as adding a natural gas fireplace insert.
Duct system
A part of your heating system that is usually forgotten is your ductwork. The ducts make sure that conditioned air gets to the places you want it too. But, if they are leaky or not balanced properly, your home could be uncomfortable and wasting energy.
Ductless Mini-Split System
Do you have an area in your home that needs heating and cooling, but a traditional ducted system won't work. Check out the ductless mini-split system that can provide both heating and air conditioning to space that you couldn't get it to before.
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Leaks in your ductwork mean the air you've paid to heat or cool is not getting where it needs to go. A special test for your ductwork can help you find and fix those leaks.
Energy efficient furnace
Installing a new furnace is a big investment. You want to make sure you are getting the most energy efficient model you can, and even more importantly that it is installed properly.
Energy audits track down energy thieves in your home
Schedule an energy audit to pinpoint energy loss and air infiltration in your home
Energy recovery ventilators
ERVs recover energy from exhausted air to treat and precondition incoming outdoor air

Warm and cozy are what you might think of when describing a fireplace. Some fireplace can be a big source of air leaks in your home. Find out what options are available to keep you warm air in your house without letting it go up the chimney.
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Fireplaces have been a trusted heating source for homes for centuries, but are they energy efficient?

Changing your furnace filter is the easiest way for you to take good care of your investment. Find out what to look for the next time you head to the store to buy a furnace filter.
Furnace energy efficiency
Take a good look at your home's furnace. Do you know how efficient it is or how to maintain it? We'll show you.
Fireplace inserts
Turn your drafty wood-burning fireplace into an energy-efficient natural gas unit
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Capturing the heat from the earth can save you big money on your energy bills with a geothermal system. Learn how they work and how much you can save.
Geothermal installation
New construction or retrofit, there are geothermal heating and cooling solutions for most situations
Geothermal for an existing home
Did you know that geothermal can now be installed in an existing home. Find out if this is a good option for your home.
Geothermal heating and cooling
Geothermal systems use the natural warmth of the earth to heat and cool your home. Heat is taken from the ground and transferred to the air in your facility during the winter; the process is reversed during the summer.

Is it time to upgrade your fireplace? Learn what's involved and how you can improve your home's efficiency with the right fireplace.
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Is it time for a new heating or cooling system in your old house? Don't be scared of the old system that is in place. Make sure you get it inspected by a professional and find out options to maintain the integrity of your older home.

What systems make a house work? The furnace and water heater use a lot of energy. Find out what systems can help reduce your energy costs.
High velocity air conditioning
Discover a great way to distribute air conditioning in an area you might not have thought was possible
How heat recovery ventilators work
Exchanging fresh air for stale are is the job of an HRV
How-to install a programmable thermostat
Tips for installing an energy-saving programmable thermostat in your home.
Improving the efficiency of your fireplace
Adding reflectors and dampers to your fireplace can help you keep your home's warm air inside where it belongs.
Installing for peak efficiency
Have you thought about how your furnace is installed? Or, how that can impact how it works over the life of the equipment. Learn what to ask your contractor to make sure your system is adjusted to perform at its peak.
Installing a programmable thermostat
A small investment in a programmable thermostat can mean a big savings on your utility bill. Learn how you can install one in your own home.
Installing a programmable thermostat
You can do it yourself or hire a contractor. Either way, this easy upgrade will save you energy throughout the year.
Installing radiant floor heating
Watch and learn as a radiant floor heating system is installed
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See what you can do to keep your furnace working in tip-top condition.

Do you get an annual check up? How about for your furnace? It's important to keep this big piece of equipment in tip-top shape in order for it to operate at peak efficiency.
Maintaining your furnace
A few simple steps can keep your furnace working at its best.
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The latest technology rocking the heating and cooling world is the ductless mini-split system. Find out if this system can solve your heating or cooling needs.
Options for heating your home
Find out what options are available to heat your home today. Learn about what they cost and how to get the most energy efficient model for your money.
Proper ventilation for your home
A heat recovery ventilator might be just the thing your home need to get adequate air exchanges each hour.
Protect your furnace with a filter check
Inspect your furnace filter monthly, and replace according to manufacturer directions
Radiant flooring
Heating from the floor is comfortable and very energy efficient. See how it's installed and how it works.
Radiant heating
Instead of heating the air in the room, radiant heating warms objects & including people. This technology is making a comeback, even for garages and driveways.
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You are probably losing conditioned air through leaky ductwork right now. There are many ways to seal exposed ductwork, using mastic or special foil tape, but what about inside your walls? Check out this product that seals the holes from the inside out.
Sealing ductwork in a mobile home
Follow Bob Pfeiffer along as he inspects ductwork for a mobile home and provides tricks on how to find and seal ductwork.
Sealing your fireplace damper
Old, worn fireplace dampers allow conditioned air AND your energy dollars to go up the chimney! Find out how to stop the leaks.
Shopping for central air
Find out what to look for and questions to ask when shopping for a central air conditioning unit
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What's the best way to heat your home? You might be surprised that a space heater is not at the top of the list. Find out why.
Space heating your home
Learn about space heater options available for your home.
Staying warm and safe during the heating season
There are simple ways to keep heating costs in check, and keep safety well in mind during the heating season
Testing a new heating and cooling system
Once you have a new heating and cooling system installed, how do you know it's performing at it's best? Test it.
Tour a fireplace factory
How is a fireplace made? Learn how fireplaces are constructed and tested to provide energy efficiency, safety and comfort for your home.
Use ceiling fans
A ceiling fan is a great way to cool you off in the summer and circulate warmed from the ceiling in the winter.
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We'll take you to a furnace showroom and walk through the options for heating your home.
What to do when it's time to replace a furnace?
Replacing a new furnace is not the most exciting home improvement, but it is a necessary one. Learn about what to do when it's time to replace your heating system and what questions to ask.
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Would it be nice to check your thermostat while you're at work? How about when you're on vacation? It's possible with Wi-Fi thermostat on the market. Some of them can tell you when to change your furnace filter or even learn your habits.
Wood burning fireplaces
Do you like curling up by a warm fire? It sounds comfortable, but all fireplaces are not created equal. Find out how to make your fireplace as energy efficient as possible.
Zoning your ductwork
Have you ever thought about zoning your home? Zoning your ductwork delivers heated or air conditioned air where you need it, plus it can keep you comfortable and save energy.
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